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Scott Evans

As soon as I entered this world as a small child, I was obsessed with music & sound. I grew up listening to The Beatles. I would stare at the album covers and listen religiously to the top 40 countdown every week. I just couldn’t get enough music in my life! In an effort to forge a career in music, I spent a brief time as a Radio DJ in Michigan before the Universe quickly removed me from that world and sent me on a different path. Discouraged, I eventually purchased two beautiful, brand new guitars. I was determined to find a way to marry myself to the music that I loved so much. Once again, the Universe had other plans as I was forced to sell my guitars to raise funds for a move to Arizona in 2010. Would I ever find a way to display my passion for music? The missing piece to this puzzle finally started to reveal itself in the Summer of 2013 as I started my spiritual awakening. Although, as with most spiritual awakening journeys before I could align with my mission to help others, I needed to heal myself first. My journey intensified in late 2019 after obtaining two different certifications as a Sound Healing Practitioner. The message from my spiritual team was loud and clear… no more proscrastinating, it was time to get down to business. After 10 months of intense inner healing work, the Universe decided I was ready to take my first step into serving the collective. I received an offer out of the blue in August of 2020 to host my very own public Sound Baths!!! Of course I said “Yes”, but after the news settled in and I had a moment to collect myself I said….”Now what?”. I completed the rest of my healing work in early October, just a few weeks before my debut on Halloween night. I was so nervous that night that I could barely function. Was I really a Sound Healing Practitioner? Could I actually do this?  I didn’t need to wait long to find the answer to that question. When the clock struck 6PM I felt a sudden sense of calm and confidence come over me. My Higher Self was there to guide me. Everything was going to be ok. And truth be told, it’s been much more than just “ok” ever since that moment. I am living my dream. I am in alignment with my Soul’s purpose. I am helping others heal. I am serving the collective. I am a Sound Healing Practitioner.

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Knowing that everything in the Universe holds a particular frequency including ourselves, certain healing frequencies can be utilized to bring us back to our original divine blueprint or “soul song”. Sound frequencies have the ability to break apart stagnant energy and initiate releases which in the long run help us to feel lighter and opens space to hold more light.

Yes, I hold 2 different Sound Healing certifications that I obtained in 2019. I am currently working on a 3rd certification in Tuning Fork Therapy.

We are living in a time where it’s imperative to face our “shadow side” head on and heal any deep seated traumas that are holding us back from reaching our highest potential. Sound frequencies are extremely powerful in that they have the ability to reach “nooks and crannies” we are not even aware of that hold various traumas and other dense energy. Releasing this density paves the way to “level up” and hold a higher vibration & frequency.

Over the course of 2 hours there will be brief discussion beforehand from myself about Sound Healing, a guided breathing exercise, a full Sound Bath ranging from 45-55 minutes and additional sharing from the group at the end.

Click on the “Services” tab at the top of this website. From there, select the appropriate Sound Bath based on the number of attendees.

They are held at the place you feel most comfortable… your own home! I host public Sound Baths as well if that’s something you’re interested in.

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